Though the earliest poems on this site were written (to critical acclaim from my 6th grade teacher) when I was still planning on playing basketball for a living, I didn't start writing seriously until High School.  The impetus, I think, was a mixture of ego (I enjoyed favorable reviews) and girls.  It was toward the end of school, that I fell hopelessly in love with a girl that I knew would someday be my wife.  Since then I've found girls to be the impetus in most things I do.

I wrote somewhat consistently through my school years, and then somewhat voraciously during a two-year LDS mission to Switzerland and Germany.  I don't know whether it was increased spirituality, or increased solitude (read meditation and reflection) that served as inspiration, but some of my favorite poems were written during that time.

When I got home, I married the girl of my dreams (literally) and commenced starting a family, working crazy hours, and going to school full time.  I graduated from Weber State University with a Business German degree and immediately took a job that had me traveling internationally every few months.  Needless to say, the writing slowed a bit.

A few months before I graduated (and embarked on a five-year tour of the great server rooms, hotels, and convention centers of the world), I self-published a small run of books entitled Life in General: The Everyday Poems of Sean Holliday.  Distribution was mostly to friends, family and the book shelf in my living room, but I'd always said I would make a book when I had a hundred poems and, remarkably, that milestone had been met.

Six years later, I have won poetry contests, lost poetry contests, been published by a company that will publish anyone it thinks it can get money out of, been rejected by at least three or four legitimate publishers, and continued writing---though not as much as I would like.  (With grad school fast approaching, that could decrease even more, but I'll hope otherwise.)  Between a full-time IT job, four children, an old house, maintaining the con that keeps a rather incredible woman inexplicably married to a rather average guy, and the 27 other irons I manage to have in the fire at any given time, life is pretty busy.  But with the completion of this site, I'll have one less iron in the fire so---On to the next project!

To learn more about the history and philosophy of my poetry check out the prefaces to Life in General and Unfinished Poetry.