Advice from the Non-Bulimic

Iím hungry
I just ate, but it only made me more hungry
My stomach is yearning for nourishment
Itís growling for the sweet taste of food
Letís face itóI love eating
I love it
And even though I just ate
It wasnít enough
Itís never enough
I wish my mouth were bigger
So I could increase the velocity of my intake
Itís overwhelming
So much food and so little time
Iím just so hungry
I want to eat
And then have secondsóand thirds
The more I eat, the more I starve
The more I starve, the more I eat

Try some! Youíll love it!
Taste this! Itís delicious!
And the recipe is so simple

You there, donít!
How could you give up that beautiful morsel
Without fully digesting it?

And, you, eat something!
Thereís an entire feast sitting in front of you

Donít be afraid of getting fat
Let your lard so shine
Eat something!
Before you wither away
How can you ignore it?
Why canít you see the beauty
The necessity of nourishment?

Stop playing with your food!