Talking to Myself

Iím talking to myself
At least a part of me
The part I would be
If I could be
I guess the part I should be

Iím talking to myself
And heís an interesting guy
Though I times I want to cry
When he looks me in the eye
And he makes me answer why
And I really donít know why
But heís still a decent guy

And so Iím talking to myself
And weíre having a little scuff
Because he makes it kind of tough
When things are going rough
And I think Iíve done enough
And he says itís not enough
And so I do more in a huff
Until Iíve finally done enough
And I feel good and all that stuff
And that really gets my guff

But Iím still talking to myself
Because he knows the things I hide
The foolish pride
The tears Iíve cried
When Iíve tried
And when Iíve only kind of tried
And through it all he sees a side
A different side
Thatís deep inside

And so Iím talking to myself
To see what he
Would have me be
If I could be
That part of me
Which only he
Can help me see