Times Like This

When the sun and the moon
Are both in the sky
When itís not really day
And itís not really night
Thereís a cool in the air
And a feeling of life
And itís right
Itís so right

When the red in the west
Is fading to blue
When itís only the air
And the open and you
When itís easy to see
All the things you could do
Then itís true
Really true

Itís a time when the colors
Are fading afar
When the moon and the clouds
Are awaiting the stars
A time to be peaceful
And enjoy who you are
ĎCause you are
Yes you are

Itís that time of the night
When the plan is aligned
That time when your heart
Is at one with your mind
When your soul sees the sky
For the very first time
And itís kind
Very kind

When God sends an evening
To help pull you through
When your heartís overflowing
And you know his is too
When the heavens are opened
And you realize the view
Itís for you
All for you