Two Weeks to Live

The liquid form of happiness
Has filled my lungs
And caused a pneumonia
That can never be cured
Each breath grows increasingly
Larger than the last
Each sends a surge
Of icy coldness throughout my insides
Filling every muscle with excitement
Until itís ready to explode
And allowing each to experience
A warming relaxation
That creeps in
And soothes the heart
The mind and soul
Until with a glance
The process repeats itself
And once again Iím swept away
In a blissful asthmatic heart attack
No doctor can slow the pulse
Nor take away the thickened blood
That is pushing through my veins
And Chemotherapy wonít touch
The cancerous joy
That is eating away my insides
And spreading to my mouth and eyes
Revealing to all
The fullness of my condition
Itís too late
And Iím afraid thereís nothing they can do
Itís just a matter of time