Two Years

Two years can seem like an eternity
When you’re looking from the front
And then suddenly two months are gone
Not that they went like that or anything
(Whatever “that” refers to)
But they’re gone
And they did go fairly fast
I guess
But twenty-two months can still seem like an eternity
When it’s only been five days
And you’re readjusting
And reminded
And looking from the front
With no more hope of reminders
And no more challenge of readjusting
That is once you’re adjusted
If you’re ever adjusted
And then suddenly two more months are gone
And you’re waiting for two more days
And they themselves seem like forever
Let alone the twenty months you’ve still to go
Another gone
And time is accelerating

A year can seem so short
When you’re looking from the front
And standing in the middle
Of what used to be eternity
Wondering where a year has gone
And watching another day slip by
Again and again
Until you’ve only got two months
And you’re looking from behind
On twenty-two that seemed so long
But now are just a moment

Two days can seem so long sometimes
And yet so very small
And wondering if you’re front or back
Could take another hour