Unfinished Poetry

Welcome to the graveyard
Of unfinished poetry
What you are seeing
Are all of the thoughts, ideas and feelings
That never reached completion
On a finished page of poems

Once, these dusty, tattered words
Now tucked away and tabled
As partial and potential
Were masterpieces
Fresh and new
In the mind of the life-living poet
They were exciting and real
Alive and majestic
Full of all the things
That caused them to be written
And greatly loved
By the understanding soul
Of he who wrote them

But that was long ago
Time has forgotten them
To age and the moment
And now
Worn and wrinkled
Gray and fragile
They’ve returned to the graveyard
Of an ever-changing human heart
To await their inspiration
And another shot at greatness

On your left is a piece
From a rainy day in 1994
When the sheltered beliefs of night time
Were ravished by the light of day
Many dreams were challenged that afternoon
Heart strings were pulled
And tears were nearly shed
But the peaceful reality of evening
Restored beauty to the world
And only words were left behind

On your right you’ll see
A profound little thought
First conceived in 1997
And standing ever since
Alone with nothing to follow
Deep and meaningful in its prime
It has now become old and faded
Almost forgotten
Still it continues hoping
That someday
Emotion will return again
And it will change the world
Perhaps it will

These few are just examples
Of the notes and types and titles
The words and whys and wonderings
That you’ll find with the yard
Feel free to wander
And read as many as you like
Maybe as you peruse and ponder
You’ll find a verse that speaks to you
And when you do
Then perhaps it too
Will accomplish what it’s lived to do