Vocabulary I deprecate
What average American
Living domestically
In his four-room suburban living domicile
Cognitively contented in his habitual vernacular
Would extract the inspirational thematic
Of that that I am attempting to confer
Along with that that I am attempting to defer
Or rather allude
In my monologistic eulogy
Were I to facilitate such opulent verbosities as
Or sphygmomanometer
To articulate my perspective-based apprehensions
The words would fail to coagulate
In the respective cerebellums
Of the intended audience
And the strategic intent
Would be disoriented
In a collaboration
Of syllables and auditory sensations
Perambulating to inaccessible recessions
Of the macrocosmic empyrean sphere
The individual would become fatigued
And the vitalities of the annotation
Would be irretrievably unregenerated
Besides, Id sound like a dork