Chick Flick

He’s a sucker for a love story
An ever after end
Perhaps that helps explain the trend
Of female flavored friends
Perhaps that’s why in romance
He never could succeed
And never was a woman’s want
But oft a woman’s need
Perhaps that’s why they loved him
Like the brother they’d never had
And looked on him as someone sound
And solid like a dad
Sensitive and caring
Comfortable and strong
Perhaps his nice guy image
Was the thing that did him wrong
Perhaps if he were colder
More selfish, or obtuse
His arms would not be solely used
To comfort past abuse
His heart would not be broken
For those he’d never love
His evenings wouldn’t turn to night
With only memories of
The future he could offer
The love that he could give
If female views of chivalry
Did not insist he live
Alone with all the fan mail
Of women’s confidence
Extolling endless struggles
With the grass across the fence