Itís hard to know
That an apple is red
When you have no concept of red
Or color for that matter
Itís hard to find
The beauty of a deep blue sky
When blue is just another word
With no meaning
And itís hard to see
The greenness of life
When you lack the muscular strength
To open your eyes

The warming light of the sun
Can burn the eyes
Of those who live underground
And bring more pain than sight
Even those who are used to the light
Have to be eased out of the darkness
And those who live in the sun
Cannot look directly at it
Itís too hot

But without its rays
We couldnít grow
We couldnít see
We couldnít live
Nothing could
We enjoy its beauty
Through the everyday miracles that it works
Life, warmth and light
A blooming flower
Unlocking its pedals
To allow more light to enter
Opening up to sights and colors itís never seen before
And showing its new-found happiness
To all who see it grow

But itís hard to see
When your eyes are closed
And itís impossible to smile
When youíre squinting