In Support of Wergle Flomp

Though lousy writing is really sad
And paltry poems can pinch a tad
For such a causeóso rich and noble
I tried to recreate Trenoble
And join my pen with Wergle Flompís
To write an ode to vanity comps

I wrote the words in fear and shame
Clicked submit and signed my name
Took a shower, chewed some gum
And tried to make the pain go numb
Until one day there came a letter
That made my work seem so much better

ďCongratulations! Youíve been selected...Ē
(Iíd love to read the poems rejected)
The words were like a Dali dream
My poem published; my talent seen
My random ramblings set apart
As semi-finalist caliber art

And thatís how I became a poet
(Iíve even got the book to show it)
And since that day, Iíve used my pen
Inspired by Frost and Eminem
To change the world, as one declared
A poet by the poem-impaired