My Wife Thinks I'm Hot

My wife thinks I’m hot
Which doesn’t make sense
But—I guess—who am I to complain?
The fact that I’m not—
More a frog than a prince—
I don’t feel the need to explain

They say that a marriage
Is founded on trust
And—I guess—to a point that is true
But myself to disparage
Though the slight may be just
Is something I’ve no plans to do

I may be deceiving
The woman I love
But ignorance it’s said can be bliss
And to leave her believing
In fantasies of—
Is only a little amiss

And though she’s misguided
Naïve and misled
And despite her delusional views
If perceptions were righted
And she saw what she’d wed
It would ruin my delicate ruse

So my wife thinks I’m hot
And I know it’s not true
And—I guess—you could say I’m a liar
But one thing I’m not
Is dumb enough to
Extinguish this goddess’ fire