Silencing The Critics

Monet informed Picasso
Your work is a fiasco

Picasso in a fury
Responded yours is blurry

Kandinsky told Cezanne
Your paintings make me yawn

Cezanne enlightened Klee
You ought to mimic me

Van Gogh abhorred Kandinsky
Dali and Da Vinci

Klee advised Van Gogh
Your art is just so so

Da Vinci, Dali, Kahlo
Were unimpressed with Warhol

Chagall found Kahlo hollow
And Dali hard to follow

Degas despised Renoir
Renoir reviled Degas

And Warhol deemed them all
As worthless as Chagall

And thus the brushes ceased
Monotony increased

Artistry deceased
And critics were appeased