Full friendship isnít fleeting
Pure passion doesnít pass
True charges do not change with change of heart

But bonds beyond believing
In moments that amass
Pull promises from parties pulled apart

Live love is everlasting
Through scandals, scars, and scorns
Through faults and feelings, failures, frauds, and fears

But futures ever fasting
For memories to mourn
Can terminate in times of toil and tears

Commitmentís not convenient
Unwound by wants and whims
Reduced by wrongs or ruined by wrath or rage

Live love is lax and lenient
It bounces back and bends
It weathers words of warfare that we wage

Whole hearts are never hollowed
Full feelings never fade
True vows are never voided, vexed, or veered

Surrenderís never swallowed
By mises that are made
Intent on never ending interfered