Gavin the Wedger

Gavin was a wedger
Who’d wedge whene’er he could
Wiggling and giggling with glee

He’d strive by every measure
From beginning babyhood
To wedge himself between his mom and me

Gavin was an eater
It didn’t matter what
He’d eat what made the other children choke

From cake or cookie beaters
To pea or hazel nuts
To Pickled garlic, fish, or artichokes

Gavin was a climber
Completely void of fear
He’d clamber up whatever he could find

His soul was an old-timer’s
Mature beyond its years
Thoughtful, sweet, well-mannered, calm, and kind

Gavin was a flipper
Who landed front or back
He’d launch himself with confidence and poise

And ever chill and chipper
He always had a knack
For fitting in among the older boys

Gavin was a doer
Not one to sit around
He’d entertain himself for hours on end

But if ever I or you were
Depressed or sad or down
Gavin was the first to be a friend