Twenty years of orbit
Around the brightest star
To ever lend her light to mortal man
Whose radiance and spirit
Draw drifters from afar
And hold them in the halo of her hand

Twenty years of staring
At stardom on the stage
Held captive by charisma, warmth, and flare
The comedy and caring
The energy engaged
Delightful, dishy, droll, and debonair

Twenty years of cheering
Enchanted by her charm
Her presence, pull, and personality
Enduring and endearing
Alluring to alarm
That glows and grows with grace and gravity

Twenty years of gazing
Of wishes coming true
Of basking in the brilliance of her smile
Amusing and amazing
The drive for all I do
Benevolence that bolsters and beguiles

Twenty years of trekking
Where no one’s gone before
Continuing a mission without end
Cherishing and checking
Her quadrants to explore
The universe within to comprehend

Twenty years of orbit
Around a shining star
That leavens life with every radiant ray
A blessing to absorb it
To feel it from afar
And spiral inward each and every day