Falling Star

It must have been so hard for him
Always shining, always bright
Alone up in the heavens
To illuminate the night
With so much darkened space up there
To fill with just his light
It must have been so tiring
Always shining, always bright

It must have been so burdensome
For such a little star
To sparkle so immensely
That his light could reach so far
To hang there night and night again
And let his light so shine
I can see how that would be too much
After such a lengthy time

And the funny thing about it
And the irony of it all
Is that we feel such happiness
As we watch a star that falls
And though Iím sure itís tiring
To shine so long and bright
Perhaps itís more in sacrifice
That they give their final light

It must have been so hard for him
To hang there through the years
And shine his little heart out
When he saw the world in tears
Perhaps his fall was nothing more
Than a final little try
To fill some heart with peace and joy
As he dove and waved goodbye