Golf with Gregg

The grass was green
The sky was blue
The house was clean
The office too

The car was waxed
The shoes were shined
The clubs were packed
For tee-off time

He chose a ball
He found a tee
And this not all

He with these drew
A buffer pack
A toothbrush too
And turtle wax

And when the ball
Had passed inspection
He placed it all
In proper section

He chose a club
And gazing down
Began to rub
A smudge he found

‘Til sparkling new
The driver stood
(And this in lieu
It was a wood)

And he in stance
The grass surveyed
And found by chance
A wayward blade

And while he fixed
The crooked few
A group of six
Just played on through

When all was right
He played the round
He sipped a Sprite
And wisely found

A calming Zen
That or him fell
(Though only when
His game went well)

And balance new
And senses perked
And courage to
Return to work

And when the night
Drew to an end
The old insight
Returned again

Reflected when
The floor was waxing
How nice to spend
A day relaxing