If the Situation were Different

If the situation were different
I could tell you how much I love you
And not have to worry
About you loving me back

If I werent who it says I am
I could show you the admiration
That has grown inside my heart
Since I noticed who you are
And who you could become

With another name and wardrobe
I could dance with you till day break
Share a soft and simple sunrise
And exhaust the hours in between
With casual conversation
As a friend and nothing more

But as hard as I try not to
I cant help but understand
That the person who I am right now
Is the one that I should be

And so I give you glimpses
In hopes that you will save them
Until the situation changes
And I can share the way I feel

Until then, I hope you realize
That behind this plastic title
Is an unofficial person
Whos arms have longed to hug you
And whod love to be your friend