I'm Sick

Iím sick! Iím sick! Iím sick I say
I doubt Iíll live another day
Iíve got a headache and stomach flu
Oh, canít you see Iím turning blue?
I think my arm is falling off
Iíve got Strep Throat and Whooping Cough
Pneumonia, Croup, and Chicken Pox
And Athleteís Foot from my old socks
Whatís that? You say youíve got Fugue?
Oh yes! Thatís right. Iíve got that too
Iíve got Giardia from river water
Measles, Mumps, and Osgood-Schlatter
Iím sick! Iím sick! Iím nearly dead
Iíve got the Hives from toe to head
A chronic case of Tonsilitis
Cancer, Perthes, and Laryngitis
Anemia and Variola
Cirrhosis, Chills, and Granuloma
Oh, canít you see Iím about to die?
Why me? Why me? Oh why? Oh why?
So, you saw the doctor yesterday?
Tell me! Tell me! Whatíd he say?
Youíve got a cold and sleepís the key?
Well, for heavenís sake, donít breathe on me!