Jelly Beans

A giant bag of jelly beans
I didn’t pay a cent
The end would never come, it seemed
I could eat to my content

And so I grabbed a green bean
Then yellow, black and red
Saw my Sis’; thought, “Nah, be mean”
So I squished one on her head

Now on with eating more and more
Purple, blue and white
First one, then two, then three, then four
These would last me for all night

I popped a handful as I thought
“Hmm, maybe I should save—
Look at this bag filled to the top
It will last for days and days”

So here and there a handful
And here and there a trick
I’d chomp on six or seven
While I stuck a few on Rick

What a treasure I had found
Yet one I couldn’t keep
I’d drop a couple on the ground
And never give a heap

“Oh well,” I thought. “There’s plenty more”
Was the attitude I had now
So I ate another three or four
And I fed some to a cow

An endless resource, never gone
A treasure, true and dear
But then I saw I had just one
And I began to shed a tear

“I’ll save this one,” I thoughtfully sighed
And I really tried to wait
But I broke down in a minute’s time
For I had tried to stop too late

So the moral of the story is
In case you haven’t seen
It’s plain and clear and here it is
Be careful with your beans