Looking up the Stairs

The first step is the hardest
Itís long and tall and tough
It seems you canít get over it
This journey will be rough

And so you stand at bottom
Afraid to take the step
Staring at what lies ahead
Afraid to make the trip

Now comes a bolt of courage
You start the fateful climb
Someone now is helping you
Youíll make the step this time

The peak draws near; youíre almost there
You look to find your friend
You cannot see, but feel him there
This peak is not the end

You reach the top and look back down
What a mighty climb youíve made
Youíve overcome; youíve made the choice
A foundation has been laid

The road ahead will still be hard
But youíre stronger now it seems
Youíve reached the step; youíve made the choice
Your testimony beams