The Masterpiece

A smiley faced sun in the corner
With rays extending
Almost to touch the burnt umber roof
Of a house with two windows and a door
Has been replaced by an azure sky at twilight
Hovering on the mountains
With omnipresent mist

Circular smoke climbing from the chimney
Has changed to cloudy mysteries
Casting shadows on the darkened pine forest
Which once was just a tree
Green and scribbled
On a sparkling paper canvas

Tone, mood and definition
Have replaced a simple pureness
And suddenly the masterpiece
Has developed into art

I donít know when
I stopped drawing my family in every picture
Our house and our dog
Or at least the one I wanted

I donít know when I realized
That if the sun was in the corner
The other corner had to have some shadow
Contrast and three dimensions

The masterpiece which adorned the refrigerator door
Has undergone some changes
And slowly the artist recognizes
How good it really was