Thereís a monster in my closet
Thatís ominous and real
And terrifying far more than I show
With glowing eyes and claws that
Can infiltrate and kill
The happiness inside Iíve come to know

Some nights I sleep for hours
Days or months or years
Without so much as knowing that heís there
But other nights he cowers
And calculates my fears
To catch me in his snarled and sneaking snare

His fangs are gross illusions
That tear through flesh and bone
To secret chambers hidden once from view
And grasp with false delusions
That somehow seem to clone
And devastate the things I know are true

His breath is poisoned fiction
That flatters, fawns and fibs
Seducing with a slow hypnotic hiss
His gaze is an addiction
His manner glut and glib
His silent roar a pained paralysis

When busyness surrounds me
And occupies my mind
With love and life and lists of things to do
The daylight glowing 'round me
Can make me hard to find
And hide me from his microscopic view

But late at night I see him
When lights have been turned out
And lonely I must wrestle with the dark
I struggle not to be him
To weed his memory out
And battle for my mind and for my heart

And when I think I beat him
I sigh with cold relief
And fortify again for nights to come
I struggle not to weaken
To bolster my belief
And welcome once again the rising sun

Thereís a monster in my closet
Despite what people say
Heís haunting me with choices that Iíve made
And though I know I cause it
The fear wonít go away
Until I grow too big to be afraid