My House

Iím building a house that will last through all time
A house that is sturdy and strong
With rigorous blueprints but casual design
And a feeling where all can belong

The foundation is solid where building begins
And the framework is growing throughout
With plenty of windows so sun can come in
And the glow of our lamps can go out

The roof is ascending with each passing day
From a basement thatís endlessly deep
With thickening shingles to keep out the rain
And the snow and the hail and the sleet

The carpet is padded with inches of foam
So itís soft on the knees when you fall
And thereíre closets for times when you need to call home
And Iím working on taking out walls

Thereís a heater for warming those cold winter nights
And thereís soap for the bruises and scrapes
A spiraling staircase for reaching new heights
And a rod for a fire escape

And when it is finished itís going to be such
That youíll know what this mansion is for
With the christening bottle, the finishing touch
A welcoming matt at the door