The Nature of Man

Each night, as I kneel in conversation,
I talk to a great guy.
He’s funny, loving, wise and confident all rolled into one.
He’s the kind of guy who’s best friends with everyone.
My friend is an artist,
Known throughout the entire universe for his magnificent creations.
His most famous work is a sculpture called “Man.”
(You’ve probably heard of it.)
“Man” is a self-portrait.
(Except it’s a sculpture, so maybe it’s a “self-sculptrait.”)
My friend gave his sculpture everything:
Love, happiness, and procreation
Even a beautiful display case called “Earth.”
He wanted his sculpture to succeed,
So he gave him all the good things he had,
Making his sculpture beautiful.
Now, if you were doing a self-sculptrait,
Would you make it evil and dark and ugly?
Of course not.
And neither did my friend.
He made it good.
Time and opinions have changed the view of “Man,”
As they do all great works of art.
Many now see “Man” as evil and dark and basically bad.
That’s their prerogative,
But I know the artist
And I know his work,
And “Man” is a masterpiece that will last forever.