Out of Silence

Out of the silence
A button is pushed
Tendons tightening
The world fighting
Into the havoc
He’s suddenly rushed
Heels grinding
The world binding
The sweat on his brow
The fear in his eyes
He doesn’t know what to expect from this life

Both feet on the highway
With no cars in sight
Voices calling
Her heart falling
The cool of the night air
She shivers with fright
She doesn’t look back
Afraid she might crack
The wind fills with laughter
She stares at the ring
She doesn’t know what the next step will bring

An oblivious world
Spins and spins unaware
Immune to the sweat
Immune to the stare
Waiting for someone to care

Binding us all with its sunshine

From out of the darkness
The mirage of a song
The world crying
A friend dying
We fear revolution
And gravity’s strong
It pulls us along