A Pet Shop with Peeves

A pet shop with peeves
Often achieves
Record sales figures
With low finance fees
They sell them with ease
As fast as theyíre born
Customers torn
I feel I should warn
The selectionís getting bigger
But donít worry
Thereís no hurry
No need to mourn

When choosing a peeve
You have to believe
In its good breeding
Champion lines
Produce better whines
As all can perceive
But any old peeve
Will tend to achieve
If itís brought up with proper feeding
If you love them
Any of them
Will thrive guaranteed

And multiple peeves
Always relieves
Those undecided
Itís easy to feed
Nourish and knead
Two, three or four
Why not get more?
Peeves by the score?
Just ask the trainers who have tried it
Itís fantastic
Swipe the plastic
And the critters are yours

A pet shop with peeves
Rarely achieves
High satisfaction
Donít get me wrong
The market is strong
And sales are unreal
But I canít help but feel
This fabulous deal
Will end in a negative reaction
Loyal furies
Only curry
Favor unreal