Bad Guy

Pulling on new faces
Like pulling on new clothes
With a passion for the time you’re changed
But unsure of what you wear
Cold and hard and ugly
Reflections of all the things you’ve tried to overcome
Or have never even known
Brought from somewhere, nowhere
And displayed as always there

Pulling on emotions
Like pulling on a storm
With excitement for the thundered rain
But a fear of getting soaked
Gray and weird and wondering
Perceptions of all the things you’ve seen through frightened fog
And have tried to comprehend
To pierce the night with lightning
In a hollow, icy air

Mulling over questions
Like mulling over fears
With foreboding for the answers found
But a need to understand
Deep and dark and searching
Reflections of all the things you’ve never dared to ask
Or just didn’t want to know
To give the answers clearly
By the way you hold your eyes

Pulling on the bad times
Like pulling on the good
With a love for those who’ve hated you
And esteem for those who’ve loved
Strange and thick and charming
Reflections of all the ones who’ve watched and understood
Or have hoped they never will
To fill the room with pleasure
As they cheer and watch you die