Defend against the visciousness
You thought you heard him think
Fight back against the faults he never found
Then thrash against your conscience
For starting all this nonsense
And loose the bitter bands that have you bound

Give sunlight to the hatred
For the looks he never gave
Some water for the words he never said
Then tackle thoughts so spiteful
From a heart thatís hurt and prideful
And purge the plots youíve planted in your head

Despise the hurt he dealt you
Through the acts he never did
Mull over all the malice youíve assumed
Then devastate the worry
For conclusions that youíve hurried
And pray before your peace becomes consumed

Retaliate the rumors
That youíve heard from down the line
Allow the rage inside to steady sneer
Then conquer such creations
As a true retaliation
And watch the ones who hate you disappear