A Rhyming Poem

Oh, no, no, no! See poems donít rhyme
At least the good ones wonít
They havenít rhymed for quite some time
So when it comes to rhymingódonít

We need dark and dismal and really sad
And rhyming makes poems fun
We need something to say, ďManís really badĒ
ďAnd has been from day oneĒ

I know. I know. Youíre young and free
And have never coped with stress
But life is just catastrophe
So catch up with the rest

If a poem doesnít change the world you see
Or at least give it a valiant try
Then it suffers from mediocrity
Thatís the way it is. I donít know why

Now go write something extremely tragic
Not beautiful garbage like this
Poems need reality; not all this magic
Thatís just the way life is