The Battle of the Blue and the Gray

On the shores of a blood-red river
Deep in the valley of soul
Two armies have come to battle for the promised land
One stands clad in established blue uniforms
Singing the songs of achievement
And hoisting the banner of its goal
The other wears only gray
But stands with as much pride
And contentment as the first
Satisfied with the color of its uniform
And bearing a banner
Only within the hearts of the individuals
In the bombarding light of the daytime
The armies are cordial
Playing cards
And having a good time
But in the silence of the night
They take up arms
And battle for the betterment of the whole
Cannons, and gunfire clash with the sounds of crickets
And rob the dark of its peacefulness
Both armies want what’s best for the whole
But unfortunately there is no compromise
And no Appomattox
So the battle rages on
Without prisoners or fatalities
Or a conclusion