The Sean Holliday Overture

That small red object on my head
Is no apple
Though it does have seeds
And one day those seeds
Will grow a creation
Far more beautiful than any tree
And bring forth fruit
More desirable than any other
Itís not an apple
Itís my heart
Ohónoóitís okay
I put it there
I wanted you to see it
And donít worry
Itís still beating
Probably faster than it ever has
I put it there
Because it felt so good
And I wanted to share it with you
Because I like you
Love you
I know thereíre a lot of archers out there
Besides Cupid
Who would miss my heart
And shoot my head
And thereíre probably a few
Who would shoot my heart
With something other than love
But Iíll take my chances
1: My heartís comfortable on my head
It needs the fresh air
And 2:
I have faith in the archer