My mind is lost in endless wonder
I could speak but my mouth is too heavy
It would be terribly wrong to ruin the silence now
Everyone around me is talking
Meaningless statements
Small talk; very small
The fan above my head clicks a steady heartbeat
I can hear the air moving
I can hear the soft ďtick tockĒ
Of the ancient wooden clock on the wall
I can hear the scratch of my pencil lead
Taking the virginity of this page
And yet leaving it with so much more
A dog barks
A car thunders by
But my mind is not in this room
Itís on a beach, listening to the waves roll in
Itís in a forest, hearing the wind
Listening to it fight its way through the branches
Of the powerful trees
Itís on the roof top, gazing at the stars
And humming along with the songs of the crickets
My mind is not in this room
Itís too busy enjoying the silence