Sisters are Weird

Sisters are weird
You know what I mean?
From the old MTC
To the time that they’re green
And straight on through hump day
And heading for home
They’re just in a galaxy
All of their own

Sisters are crazy
You’ve got to agree
They record on the phone
When they’re talking to me
And they laugh at my jokes
And my poems and my songs
To be perfectly honest
I just think they’re gone

Sisters do odd things
That Elders don’t do
Like hugging and shopping
And speaking in “Du”
They keep little yearbooks
And transfer boards too
I don’t really get it
But the Sisters sure do

Sisters are psycho
Even more so than I
And that makes it hard
When you’re saying “goodbye”
Because transfers are real
And a mission is short
So you’ve got to play hard
When the ball’s in your court

And being so crazy
Isn’t really that bad
Just look at the fun
And the memories we’ve had
Being weird is a talent
And the Sisters are blessed
And all I can say is
“Hey—I’m impressed”

Sisters are whacked
But you’ve just got to love them
With handshakes of course
Though you wish you could hug them
And just tell them thanks
For the laughs and the tears
And especially the fact
That they’re just so darn weird