Someone Else's Molehill

Be someone elseís burden
Youíve been mine for too long
Iím strong enough to make it on my own
Alone without the herding
And dragging you along
To wrong me with the innocence youíve shown

Be someone elseís molehill
Her obstacle and climb
For Iím content to live without the view
And youíre the kind of toil
That towers throughout time
And Iím too tired to tackle tasks like you

Be someone elseís kite-string
Her anchor to the ground
Iíve found that falling freely feels like flight
And nights without a ceiling
Expose the sights and sounds
Of boundless beings hidden by the light

Be someone elseís lover
Iíve no more love to give
Iíll live my life with leisure when youíre gone
And on my own discover
The life I could have lived
Forgiving faults forever on and on